Winpal WP-Q3A portable printer, the new trend of mobile office

Winpal WP-Q3A portable printer, the new trend of mobile office

With the improvement of scientific level and the rapid development of social economy, modern people are no longer confined to fixed indoor offices. All walks of life in people’s daily life, various outdoor and non-fixed workplaces are beginning to use more and more related equipment. As one of them, portable receipt printers are becoming familiar to people gradually, and it makes people’s office more convenient.


1. Small, light and durable

The portable printer, as the name suggests, is to be easy to carry and use. The WP-Q3A has an outline size of 124*108*61mm, which can be controlled by one hand. The weight of 357g is light to carry, the life of the print head is up to 30Km, and it is durable.

2. Fast printing speed and long battery life

Printing speed determines work efficiency. Generally speaking, on-site printing requires fast speed to save relevant personnel’s waiting time. At the same time, due to outdoor operation, an external adapter cannot be used for power supply, so a large-capacity battery and low-power printing design are required to meet the needs of continuous printing. WP-Q3A is equipped with a 2500mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

3. Easy to operate

Easy-to-load paper structure design, basic function settings are simple and easy to operate, whether newcomers or not, can grasp the use of WP-Q3A in the first time and get started quickly.

4. Multi-interface, rich configuration

Winpal WP-Q3A is equipped with USB and Bluetooth interfaces, which is convenient for outdoor connection with various devices for operation and use. At the same time, it has also developed a paper-out detection function, which does not miss orders, not bad orders, and is a good helper for outdoor office.


Now, under the general trend of intelligent mobile office, portable receipt printers are used more and more, which are convenient to carry and use, fast and efficient, and greatly improve office efficiency. The above is the introduction of Rongda Technology’s portable receipt printer WP-Q3A.


Post time: Apr-26-2020