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Thermal printers are generally compatible with ESC/POS commands. There is basically no problem in compatibility with the system software, unless the system software vendor is bound with the printer manufacturer and sends a special print command to identify whether the current device is a printer of a specified brand. In the printer installation, special attention should be paid to setting issues such as the serial port baud rate, which most technicians may know to set. The other is the serial port flow control mode, which is set according to the flow control mode of the printer. The flow control modes include hardware flow control, software flow control and no flow control. Flow control is to remind the computer whether it can send data to the printer in the current state. If the correct flow control method is not set, it is likely to cause data loss, resulting in “lost order”.
Customers often ask why the printer is not printing. What I want to say is that the printer is very “simple”, it will print when it receives a print command, and it will not print if there is no command, unless the printer fails. When encountering such a non-printing situation, first confirm whether the printer itself is normal, usually by printing a self-check page. If there is no problem with the self-test page, the printer problem can basically be ruled out. Next, check whether the communication line is in poor contact. Here is an analogy for everyone. The reason why a computer is called a “brain” is because it can control the devices connected to it just like the human brain. The printer is just a hand, and the communication line is like a meridian. If the hand does not move, it is necessary to check whether the brain has instructions and whether the meridians are unblocked. Therefore, if you encounter a fault, you must systematically check and locate it accurately.
Many people choose printers only for the density, clarity, and price of printing, often ignoring the durability of the printer. The structural design of the printer, the materials used, and the electronic components play a crucial role in the life of the printer. I don’t know, I’m startled. I believe that with your discerning eyes, you will be able to choose a printer that you deserve.
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Product Name: Thermal Receipt Printer
Item model number: WP80A
Product application: widely used in banking, telecommunications, takeaway, shopping malls, hospitals, supermarkets and sports lottery and other fields.
Product Features:
* 300mm/sec low noise, high speed printing.
* Low power consumption and low operating cost.
* 83mm large capacity paper bin.
* Visual LED display lights, real-time prompts for power, error, and paper shortage.
* Support 58, 80, 83mm printing paper free adjustment (adjusted by the partition)
* “Top-out” and “Front-out” modes can be changed flexibly.
* Simplified/Traditional can be freely converted through commands
* Support cash drawer driver.
* Support page mode; queue function; reprint function.
* Support USB port fixed; USB virtual serial port function.
* Support IAP online upgrade, save time and worry.
* Support NVLOGO download image printing (image format is BMP).
* Support the function of avoiding lost orders to prevent lost orders.
* Adopt a new tool return verification technology to prevent the knife from being stuck.
* Support incoming order prompt, error alarm function.
* Support to modify IP across network segments.
* Support a variety of one-dimensional, two-dimensional barcode printing.
* With automatic paper cutting function.
* Support energy control, print head overheating protection, make the life of the print head longer.
* The network port interface is 100M network speed, and the data transmission speed is fast.
* Support network printing status monitoring, computer multi-connection printing, advanced OPOS driver.
* Standard Chinese Simplified large font library. Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Japanese and 19 international languages are available. powerful graph
Shape customization and character customization printing commands can achieve clear and beautiful printing.
* Easy paper loading structure, easy to load paper, with out of paper detection, support black mark detection function.

Post time: Oct-20-2022