Winpal label printers hot selling recently

The label printer means that it can edit a variety of text and bar codes, and then transfer them into a form of label. This kind of label printer is used more in many places, such as some offices, factories, power plants, warehouses, and shopping malls, where you can often see it.





This kind of label printer is different from other general label printers that see indicator digital prices. The occasions when this printer is used will be more standardized. Like all kinds of large-scale stores, I like to use this printer. The following briefly introduces the characteristics of this printer and where it is used.

1. Features

The label printer mainly uses a thermal transfer printing method, which can quickly print labels, usually with self-adhesive stickers. There are also requirements on the quality of this self-adhesive sticker to prevent scratches from affecting its bar code clarity.

2. Application

At present, label printers are used in many occasions, such as production in the factory, and its packaging, markings on it and packaging on letters are all printed by this type of printer. In addition, some shopping malls will use this type of label for the price of goods, or product labels, or barcode labels, and drug labels.

It is specially used as a barcode label printer in shopping malls, and its quality and functions are good. And he has to adapt to be able to print various text editors, including bar codes. Especially its printing paper is different from ordinary printing paper, it has the characteristics of waterproof, corrosion resistance and weather resistance. Durability is one of the requirements of this label.

Post time: Oct-08-2020