4 of The Best Thermal Printers to Buy in 2021

Do you have the curiosity to know about the Best Thermal Printers To Buy in 2021?  You can easily find out the details of the printers.

If you need to print labels and receipts, you will find this best thermal printers review very handy while making a purchase. And there is a lot you will have to consider before buying. For example, column capacity, printing speed, paper width, interface and so on. 

However, our team of market research  had do analysis to make your selection process much easier. To do this they have analyzed a host of options and have narrowed down the pool you have to choose from to a select few.

Here we present the results of the survey.

1. WP200 80mm Thermal Receipt Printer

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Key Feature

Wall mounted
With auto cutter function
Support IAP update online
Support cash drawer driver
Supports IP modification across network segments


2. WPB58 58mm Thermal Receipt Printer


Key Feature

Support Bluetooth interface
Built-in power supply,saving space and freight
Stable performance,taking good care of your working task
Streamline design, keep buttons away from water
Small size with powerful functions


3. WP300B 4-Inch Label Paper


Key Feature

Media types:Continuous; gap; black mark; fan-fold and punched hole
Multiple sensors: black mark;positioning distance;gap sensor
With transparent cover,paper status is at a glance
Support external paper holder and label box
Double motor design, more powerful


4. WP-Q2A 2-inch Mobile Printer


Key Feature

Long -lasting battery life
Effortless IAP online upgrate
New updated lable app
More accurate paper detection
Print lable & receipt



These products are widely used and admired by retailers for their affordable pricing, high performance and speed, compatibility, low-maintenance, compact design and durability, so that they are the top selling products in the market. As a manufacturer, we can assist you in finding the most suitable products.


Post time: Aug-13-2021